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Medical Psychiatric Consultants, Inc. strongly believes in the holistic management of individuals to promote healing and well being.  We believe that the person’s physical, emotional and spiritual health work together to maintain a healthy balance of life.

The following statements from The Synthesis Project, a sentinel study by Benjamin Druss, MD MPH and Elizabeth Walker, MAT MPH of Emory University, funded by The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation speaks to the realities we face in caring for patients with mental health and Medical comorbidities.

  • “There are problems in quality of care for treatment of comorbid conditions both in primary care and specialty mental health settings.”
  • “When mental and medical conditions co-occur, the combination is associated with elevated symptom burden, functional impairment, decreased length and quality of life, and increased costs”.
  • “Mental disorders are associated with a twofold to fourfold elevated risk of premature mortality”.

Since 2000, Medical psychiatric consultants have recognized the vital need to bridge the gap between psychiatric care and medical care in psychiatric facilities.  Our commitment is to provide quality medical care to our patients and superior medical services for our clients.

As a result of this commitment MPC is rapidly being recognized as the leader in providing quality medical services, as well as cutting costs by as much as 20% for our clients.


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